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This is the Sunflower - Part 1 (Annexes A and B)


Children's Story Titles and Reviews

  • This is the Sunflower
    Story Focus: Life-Cycle of the Sunflower - Lovely and vivid illustrations and description of how the sunflower blossoms, of the birds that help to spread its seeds, and the rain and sun that nurture the seeds.
    Learning Areas:The cumulative verses are ideal for teaching children Sentence and Paragraph Construction, and for helping children build up the rhythm of English appropriately. The descriptive scenario can also be used for developing Aesthetic and Creative Arts.

Check out on the following stories used in my Bridging Programme that prepares K2 children for primary school by introducing them to the joys of reading and learning:

  • Follow my Leader!
    Story Focus / Learning Areas: A light-hearted story with a meaningful reverse sequence of events. Helps to develop children's appreciation of the wits and charm of the story plot, and to educate children that in a game, there are rules to be observed. Excellent for teaching and explaining prepositional phrases.
  • Cat and Mouse: The Hole Story
    Story Focus / Learning Areas: An exciting adventure that serves to help children develop their analysing and problem-solving skills. Embeds the learning of Prepositions in the story.
  • The Very Small
    Story Focus / Learning Areas: This lovable story with a tint of fantasy explains the joys of sharing and giving convincingly. It also talks about the fear of feeling small, lost and helpless. Provides very good examples of the Maths concept of Measurement.
  • The Best Dog in the World
    Story Focus / Learning Areas: A funny, yet touching story about Friendship, the process of understanding and overcoming own fear, and learning to have empathy with others.
  • The Very Boastful Kangaroo
    Story Focus / Learning Areas: A simple but interesting plot that shows how a baby kangaroo outwits the very boastful kangaroo. It helps children understand that even though they are small, they can be successful if they try. Extends children's thinking skills and exposes children to smart and interesting ways of solving problems. Ideal for teaching Verbs and Motor Skills.
  • Shadow Night
    Story Focus / Learning Areas: An unusually captivating story (there is a story within the story) that explains the scientific fact of nature to eliminate children's fear of the unknown - the mysterious night and the shadows. Perfect for use in exploring the shape of an object's shadow and how it is made bigger or smaller.

Other Story Titles

Highly recommended stories used in my K1 lesson plans written for MOE

(*Unable to provide the lesson overviews and activity sheets built on the following stories as they are copyrighted to MOE and there is no permission to publish them.)

  • Best Friends
    Story Focus / Learning Areas: Emotional and Behavioural Skills - skills that are needed to make friends, express own feelings positively and get along with others.
  • Arm in Arm
    Story Focus / Learning Areas: Creative Texts and Word Play. The play 'The Fairy's Wish' is suitable for use to discuss empathy for others, teach object names and sequencing.
  • Sometimes I Like to Curl up in a Ball
    Story Focus / Learning Areas: Interesting and playful narration of the things a wombat likes to do - suitable for use as an introduction to and as a model for essay writing.

Rebus Story

  • I'm Not Feeling Well Today
    Story Focus / Learning Areas:The story uses rebuses in cumulative verses to list the things a young boy feels he will need as he is not feeling well.