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We help children:

  • Develop self-confidence
  • Build up a positive mindset
  • Improve their social skills
  • Eliminate learning barriers such as emotional and behavioural problems
  • Develop a joy for learning (especially reading, spelling, problem-solving and creative writing)
  • Build up strong observational, analytical, and critical thinking skills
  • Improve academically


Miss Sim helped me pass my English and obtain Best Progress Award. I felt happy and grateful.  - Gerald Koh P5 Gong Shang Primary School

When I set a goal to achieve Band One in English, Miss Sim helped me hit my goal. On top of this, I enjoy her lessons as she always teaches in a very interesting manner to make learning fun. - Shi Qi P4 Changkat Primary School

The environment is conducive for learning and the lessons are interesting. The teacher, Miss Sim, points out important facts that my school teachers have never mentioned. She is knowledgeable and provides me with a lot of information. - Goh Bin Rui P5 

The lessons at Joyce Sim Learning Centre are fun, interesting and creative. Miss Sim is friendly and does not scold students unreasonably. She helped me pass by teaching me patiently. - Siew Hua Ming P5 


Miss Sim teaches us before we start writing. I am thankful to Miss Sim for teaching us. I am glad to be in her class. – Kevin Ong P1 Kong Hwa School

Miss Sim is my English tutor. She teaches us creative work. We thank her for teaching us in primary two. Today, she teaches us about Adjectives and we love  her every lesson. – Kenneth Ong P2

Miss Sim has intelligent eyes and she is intelligent too. She teaches us English in an easy-to-understand way. She is kind-hearted and helpful. Next year, I am going to continue learning at her centre because I like her teaching. – Sudiksaa P2

Miss Sim is a clever lady with brown, beautiful eyes. She is kind-hearted. Miss Sim is our best teacher. I hope she can be my form teacher. – Jian Sheng P2

Miss Sim is a kind and knowledgeable teacher. She is also an eager teacher who is willing to help us in our studies. Her centre’s environment is clean. Her lessons are interesting and informative. She is able to make a difficult learning concept easy and simple. She is reasonable compared to other teachers. I always look forward to coming to her centre. – Low Xin Yi P3 Fengshan Primary School

Miss Sim is gentle and kind. Her lessons are fun, interesting and enjoyable. We feel inspired. We like to come to her centre. -Nur' Haziqah and Hazirah P3 Changkat Primary School

Miss Sim is a creative, caring, understanding and patient teacher. I find her lessons very interesting and informative. Although she looks stern whenever we misbehave, she would not scold us loudly. If you fail your test, she would help you score better. I felt inspired and encouraged by her. - Ang Yi Fei P3 Saint Hilda's Primary School