Preparation for the Exams
Article by Joyce Sim (26 March 2008)

Making adequate preparation for your examinations can help you feel confident and positive, thus leading to higher success.

Below are some study hints, tips and techniques to help you get prepared:

Ways to Overcome Exam Anxiety

“A great fear of examinations seems to be built into us from an early age. You have to bear in mind that there is nothing you cannot achieve, that you need only ordinary intelligence levels to pass most exams, and that if you build up confidence through adequate preparation, there is simply nothing to fear.”

 - - Dr David Lewis, a clinical psychologist.

Guide for parents to provide support for their children during the examination period:

Physical Support
Provide a conducive learning environment, adequate learning tools and good, healthy meals for your children.

Informative Resources
Offer advice, feedback and problem analysis when and where necessary.

Esteem Support
Acknowledge, encourage and reward efforts and tries by your children in improving themselves, even if the improvement is insignificant. Empower them to make decisions on their learning schedules to help them build confidence and self-esteem.

Emotional Support
Listen to, understand, communicate and empathise with your children when they feel troubled and stressful. Assure them you are always there to help and support them.

The Pyramid of Parents’ Support shown below classify the four types of parents’ support in terms of the degree of importance to children, with the most important aspect at the base of the pyramid.